Sunday, October 4, 2009

Classic Blackjack game iPhone Apps

with this game you can play with gembiraa. blackjack games are fun and can entertain you. download this game for your iphone and play immediately. This is game very compatible with your iPhone 3g and etc. Handphone games and smartphone.

Atari Missile Command for iPhone 3G
iPhone Games

Price: 4.99$

an iPhone version of the original arcade game by Atari

Atari Missile Command was released today for the iPhone version 2.0 and up . instead of using the trackball on the original arcade version, the user is comfortably using the built in accelerometer.
The porpose of this game, as it was 30 years ago, is to defend planet earth's cities from the attack of missiles and planes. you also have to defend your missile station from their nuke attack.
The iPhone's multi-touch functionality allows to launch multiple missiles simultaneously .The game also allows you to listen to your music while playing (a good idea by the way that other game developers might want to adopt) and it also support multi-player games as well. Give it a try, its really a pure fun game. Free iPhone games and Application for your iPhone.

iPhone Games - 501 Darts

501 Darts iPhone Games

501 Darts

Another great game from MyNuMo. Pub style darts.

How Perfect Is Your Aim
I came to know about the game of Darts 501 from an online search portal while I was searching on the internet for games to download on my new iphone. This iphone game is quite simple yet tricky. Both the player and the phone start with a score of 501 and the one who reaches the score of zero first is set to win. A dart is hit on the dart board, alternatively by the player and the computer. The score hence obtained is subtracted from the initial score of 501. The challenging thing about is that to win, suppose in the end you have to score twenty marks, you must get that score as a double of ten.